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Areolar Asymmetry & Breast Augmentation Virginia Photos

Before and after breast augmentation photos are displayed below on women who have different sized areolas. These pictures illustrate that these types of asymmetries are common. Their breast augmentation results demonstrate that the implants are not the factor that creates the asymmetry.

Areolar Asymmetry Breast Augmentation VA Pictures*

This woman has reasonably good posture. Her breast shape and size is symmetric. If you look closely at her before photos you will notice that her left areola size is just a bit larger. So the implants are not causing this, it is a pre-existing condition. The take home point is that a woman’s anatomy dictates a lot about her results after augmentation.

Areolar Asymmetry Breast Augmentation VA Pictures*

She has a few different asymmetries. Her breast shapes are different. The nipple position and areolar sizes are also different. The implants really improved all of these. The areolar size differences are even less noticeable. She selected a natural sized augmentation and was very happy.

Areolar Asymmetry Breast Augmentation VA Pictures*

She has several asymmetries. She has a curvature in her spine too. Her breasts have different shapes, sizes and positions on the chest. Her nipple positions and areolar size differences are easy to see. With the breast implants in place, she has a better look. Her differences are less noticeable except for the nipple position and areolar size asymmetries. She was aware of her differences and was very pleased with her augmentation result.

Areolar Asymmetry Breast Augmentation VA Pictures*

She is an excellent example of this type of asymmetry. Her overall breast shape is very good. The augmentation really helped with her figure to feminize her. The areolar differences are of no concern to her. This another example of how the before characteristics can still persists in the after photos! Do note how much better her cleavage has become in the after pictures, especially on the left side. It really rounded out that curve.

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