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Women with Curved Spine &  Breast Augmentation Photos

Below are before and after pictures of women who have a curved spine and had breast augmentation. These photos demonstrate that the degree of curvature may effect how the breasts look. Pronounced shoulder tilts make the breasts look asymmetric when in reality, it the foundation that is misaligned. There is not much to do about this but it does influence the photographic results.

Women with Curved Spine &  Breast Augmentation Photos*

She has a fairly significant curvature in her spine. This is called scoliosis. This will typically also be associated with rib cage curvatures too. In this case, you can notice that her left breast looks lower, with a lower nipple and breast crease. Actually, if she stood with her shoulder level, her breasts would also level out. She has a beautifully natural breast augmentation result.

Women with Curved Spine &  Breast Augmentation Photos*

Her before pictures give the suggestion that her spine is a bit curved resulting in her shoulders tipping to the right. Her breast are in good position and she is very pleased with her new natural look.

Women with Curved Spine &  Breast Augmentation Photos*

If you look closely you will notice that her left nipple is just a bit higher than the right in the photos. In the after photos her posture is more relaxed and you can see how her shoulders tilt because of the spine curve. This makes the left breast look lower, but if she actually stood with her shoulders level, the breasts would be very similar. The left nipple would still be just a bit higher, just like in the before photos.

Women with Curved Spine &  Breast Augmentation Photos*

Other than her slight shoulder tilt to the right from her curved spine, she has wonderful characteristics. She is thin with modest amounts of tissue. She is reasonable symmetric and selected a nice sized implant. Her after photos really show a beautiful result that looks natural for her height and frame.

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