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Before and after Breast Lift with Augmentation Photos

Below are some before and after photos of women who elected to have their breast not only lifted but also enlarged using breast implants. Most of these women will come to learn about breast augmentation and it is determined at their consultation that they would be best served by having a slight breast lift to improve their overall cosmetic result.

Breast Lift with Breast Implants Pictures*

his is an excellent example of how high the breast implants are placed and look after surgery. The middle row of photos show her 1 month photos. Her implants are in a high position with good symmetry in her result. In the lower row are her 6 month after photos. The implants have settled into a more natural, anticipated position. On her profile views, her breasts have a wonderfully natural slope. In reviewing these photos, her natural asymmetry still persists in the frontal views. This is despite efforts to make them as symmetric as possible.

Breast Lift and Augmentation Pictures*

She had breast feed two children and her breasts had been large during those experiences. Her nipple positions are marginal and she could have selected a large implant and perhaps avoided a lift. She is athletic and did not want large implants. She wanted to be lifted and perky. In her after photos, she has maintained her physique and overall shapes. She has a curved rib cage which makes her right breast direct slightly outward. This asymmetry was of no concern for her and the implant on that side is perfectly placed under the breast on that side.

Breast Lift and Augmentation Pictures*

She was unhappy with the degree of sag in her breasts, slope in the upper half and the low nipple position. In order to improve all of these concerns, she required a breast lift with implant. In her after pictures, she has begun tanning topless and she tapes her incision scars to prevent them from becoming darker. She has had a nice improvement in nipple position, breast volume and shape. She did not want to be too much larger, so she had made an excellent sized implant selection to achieve her goals.

Breast Lift and Augmentation Pictures*

She as a slight degree of breast ptosis or sagging. Hers is mostly from the skin envelope being a bit lose. These are difficult surgeries because the lift raises the breast, and the implant will cause the mound to settle. The quality of the skin also influences settling. In her after photos, she has had a full lift with small implants placed for added fullness. These photos are 1 year out. She has completely settled, even perhaps just a bit too low. As with most complicated surgeries, she is left with a natural amount of asymmetry.

Breast Lift and Augmentation Pictures*

This woman has relatively poor quality skin with not much strength. It was wise for her to select a small implant for upper pole fullness in the breast mound. Her lift is around the areola with a vertical incision at 6 o’clock on the areola. Her scars are like lollipops on each breast. In her after photos, on profile view, her breasts have a nice shape and the breast remains full in the top half or upper pole area. If she did not have the implant, over time this area would lose volume and become sloped. Many women for lifts do not want the sloped look, so a small implant is used.

Breast Lift and Augmentation Pictures*

This woman has lose skin envelopes and asymmetry in her nipple positions. She could have benefited from a breast lift for each side, but she did not want the scars. She elected to have breast implants in both breasts and a one sided lift on the right. The lift on that side was to reposition the nipple to a higher position to match up with the left side. Her natural asymmetries still persist but she has had a marked improvement in overall aesthetics in her breasts.

Breast Lift with Breast Implant Photos*

This is an excellent example for too much concern about incisional scars. She wanted a modest increase in breast size, so a small breast implant was selected. She would have benefited from a different type of breast lift. She had large areolas to begin with and when the breast is lifted using only this incision, the areola size will increase by stretching. This occurs despite the areola being cut smaller during the lift and augmentation surgery. It stretches over time. Accepting the vertical or lollipop incision allow for the areola to made smaller and not dilate over time. On the positive side, since she already had large areolas she did not mind the size.

Breast Lift and Augmentation Pictures*

She has a history of breast feeding and was discontent with her breasts shape, size and position. Wanting a firmer and fuller breast, implants were required. Her after photos demonstrate how the areolas can widen significantly. This tissue is thin and stretches easily on some women. A solution for this is to use a permanent stitch that travels around the areola in an effort to retain the smaller circle that is created at the time of surgery. In the right conditions, this stitch works well. If the skin is too thin, it will not stop the stretching of the areolar over the stitch. In other cases, the areola will protrude out when the woman is standing. This can be distressing to the patient because it can be seen even through some bras. In these cases, the stitch can removed as a secondary procedure, at which point the areola will widen over time. Some opt for the stitch, while other decline it.

Breast Lift and Breast Implants Pictures*

This woman has a fair amount of natural breast tissue and volume. Her nipple positions in the before photos are low. In her after photos she has had a breast lift and small implant placed. Her lift resulted in the lollipop type scars. These are her 6 month follow up photos, over more time these scars will fade. Despite making her areolas round during surgery, with skin stretch she has blunting on the left. This would be an easy correction under local anesthesia and 20 minutes to correct. She declined revision since it did not concern her.