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Northern Virginia Arm Lift and Body Lift Pictures

Below are before and after photos of different types of arm and body lifting surgeries. These can be performed at one time or can be broken up. To learn more visit the body lift and arm lift information section of the site.

Body lift pictures

Body Lift Pictures*

This tall woman has lost over 150 pounds after gastric bypass. She has actually looks very good in her before photos. Her scar does indeed go all the way around her. She had her procedure done in two stages.  First she had her tummy tuck done and 3 months later, she had her buttock and thigh lift done. In these after photos she look fabulous. The variation of the incision scars is typical. The amount of pull on these incisions causes the scars to shift or drift.

Arm lift pictures

Arm Lift Pictures*

The saggy upper arm can be a self conscious area for many women. This is an area of common correction after a massive weight loss. Though it is important to understand that many women even without significant weight loss history can want this area corrected. The site also details the process and surgery using video. These are the before and after photos of the arm lift.

Thighlift pictures

Thigh Lift Pictures*

This a very limited set of photos. This is her one month after surgery photo. Her incision scar is still red and not completely healed. There is considerable tension in this area because her thighs and buttocks have been lifted. These scars will remain for 6 months to even a year after. In the frontal views the abdominal extension of her incision is visible on the right side. This is a bit high but will be concealed in swim suits. No long term photos are available, patient relocated out of area.

Body lift pictures

Body Lift Pictures*

This abbreviated set of before and after show a woman who underwent a gastric bypass and had a massive weight loss. Although surprising, in her before photos she has already had a tummy tuck done early by another plastic surgeon. She underwent a 7 hour operation and had both the tummy tuck and buttock lift done at the same time. This is known as a circumferential body lift. This is a very significant surgery with a prolonged recovery.

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