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Facial Plastic Surgery Photos in Ashburn, Virginia

Here are several cosmetic facial plastic surgery before and after picture examples. This is a display of various types of surgeries, including facelifts, neck lifts and liposuction. Below there are examples of both women and men.

Facelift Pictures

Facelift with Laser Resurfacing*

This relatively young woman in her mid thirties felt that her upper eyelid skin was too saggy for her age. In her before and after photos of her upper eyelid surgery, you can see that the upper lid skin has been cut away to improve the sharpness of the upper lids. A blepharoplasty can produce dramatic results.

Facelift Pictures - Man

Face lift Pictures*

This man is in great physical shape and was concerned about the aging mostly in the neck. His other primary concern was to maintain a natural healthy look and not too pulled. In his after photos there is marked improvement in the neck area while achieving his goals of natural, non-surgical look. With inspection of his before photos, it can be noted on profile view, a lack of pigment around his ears. This lack of pigment persists in the after photos and was not caused by the facial surgery.

Facelift Pictures

Face Lift Pictures*

This woman has had a lovely natural face lift result. Her neck and jaw line were her primary concerns and the mouth area was the secondary. She is an actress and could not afford to have her face distorted by exaggerated pulls on the skin. In her profile after photos, her ear scars are essentially invisible at 6 months. The head tilting slightly down on profile view is to illustrate neck contour improvement.

Face lift and blepharoplasty pictures Northern Virginia

Face Lift & Blepharoplasty Pictures*

This set of photos is dedicated to illustrate facial swelling and bruising potential. The middle photos are from 6 days after face lift surgery. This is considered a lot of bruising. She was so ecstatic with her results that the short term bruising was of no consequence or concern for her. She has had her upper and lower eyelids done, and a full face and neck lift surgery. Her post op photos are lost secondary to photographer or filing errors. She no longer lives in the area.

Face lift pictures

Face Lift Pictures*

In her before and after photos she has had a very nice improvement in her frontal and profile views. Her largest concerns where to improve her neck and jaw line while not looking like someone else. She was very pleased with how her jaw and neck definition improved after face lift, while not distorting her mouth.

Face lift pictures

Face Lift Pictures*

This gentleman was very concerned about not being pulled like some of the celebrities. His before photos demonstrate that he has a masculine square jaw line that he wanted to try and reemphasize. He has maintained a nice improvement that still exists in these 3 year follow up photos after his face lift.

Neck lift pictures

Neck Lift Pictures*

She had a fatty deposit in under her chin and a laxity in the muscles of the neck. In the after photo, she has had a small incision placed along the underside of her chin. The fat was removed and the neck muscles were sewn together during the plastic surgery. She has more neck definition than she has ever had before. She has no other incisions.

Neck liposuction pictures

Neck Liposuction Pictures*

She has a youthful round face that fits her bright personality. The fat under her chin and the roll it becomes when she lowers her chin does not fit her. In these before and after photos, she has had a small incision about 2 mm in length made under her chin and the fat has been suctioned away. Her neck line definition is markedly improved.

Otoplasty pictures ear pinning pictures

Otoplasty Pictures*

She has a one sided or unilateral protruding ear on the right side in the before picture. The goal was to minimize its projection without having to have surgery on both ears. These types of surgeries are best performed after the age on 8 when the ear has become its adult size. She is a teenager and only decided to have it done as she aged and began wearing her hair back more. This is a surgery done in the office. She wore a head band for three weeks after surgery and at night to keep the ear from being pulled forward. Then done!

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