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Costs of Breast Augmentation in Northern Virginia

breast augmentation costs northern vaBreast Augmentation in Northern Virginia like many other places has several components. The most important variable is obviously the talent and skill of the plastic surgeon. This is also the only variable the the surgeon has any control over. The patient has to have an anesthesia provider to be sure she is closely and safely monitored during the breast augmentation surgery. Believe it or not, there are still places where this surgery is done without dedicated anesthesia personnel.  The surgery should be performed in a certified and inspected medical facility.  The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery has dedicated anesthesia providers and is AAAASF certified. It is the only center dedicated to plastic surgery in Loudoun County Virginia. This is a rigorous certification process and requires monthly reports, reviews, audits and on site inspections to maintain this level of safety. The Loudoun Center maintains hospital type standards of safety that are dictated by the AAAASF. The last of the variable is the breast implants and there are different price points for the different breast implants. Saline are the least expensive with the Ideal breast implant being close to the price of the silicone gel.


The  Fall season special saline breast implants costs is $5,525 as a cash discount. Silicone gel breast augmentation cost $6,525 for the cash discount. The  silicone gel breast augmentation cost is more expensive because silicone gel breast implants cost more money. These reduced fees reflect $1,000 off the regular cash discounted fees. The breast implants costs are ‘all included’ fees except for the prescriptions.

The new IDEAL BREAST IMPLANTS are used in sizes from the 300’s to low 400cc volumes since those are the only ones available currently. Using the Ideal breast implants costs $6,525 as an introductory special.

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The Loudoun Center and Dr. Michael J Brown have been voted by Virginia Living Magazine as the best cosmetic surgeon in Northern Virginia for 2012 and 2013.  Dr Brown has won similar awards of Top Doctor and Top Plastic Surgeon from Northern Virginia Magazine (2009-2016), Washingtonian Magazine, Best of Ashburn and the Consumer’s Research Council (1999-2016). He and The Loudoun Center have been selected as the Best of Ashburn for 9 consecutive years (2008-2016).