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Before and after Tuberous Breast Augmentation Photos

Below are before and after pictures of women who elected to have breast augmentation and had existing breast development asymmetry. This sounds like a lot of big words, but essentially not every woman’s breast will grow at the same rate or end up being the same size.  In some instances the breast is constricted or called tuberous breasts. This is what happened with these woman. You can see how the breast implants have attempted to correct for the asymmetry and yet no one is perfect. All of these women are very happy of the marked improvement in their breast shapes.

Tuberous Breast Augmentation Pictures*

She has a few asymmetries and failure of the lower half or pole of her breasts to develop. This is a constricted breast in the lower poles of the breasts.  She also have a significant rib cage indentation on the right side of her chest. This is known as pectus escavatum. In her after photos, her lower pole has filled out and given her a beautiful shape. Her areolar size and nipple position asymmetry still persist. In women with constricted lower breasts, the breast tissue will stick out through the areolar tissue. This is correctable but she did not want an areolar scar.

Constricted Breast Augmentation Pictures*

She has some developmental asymmetry with her right breast failing to grow and stretch out the lower pole of the breast mound. Her left breast is also restricted a bit but not as severe as the right. On her after photos you can see how the implants have successfully stretch the lower poles to improve her overall shape and definition.

Tuberous Breast Augmentation Pictures*

She has a restricted breast development or under developed breast and has little, to no, breast tissue in the lower half of her breasts. Her modest amount of breast tissue actually protrudes through her areolar skin. In her after photos, you can see that the breast implants have truly changed her life.

Constricted Breast Augmentation Pictures*

She has a very wide frame and modest underdeveloped breasts. She has constricted breast development in the lower half of her breast on both sides. These are difficult cases because without tissue in the lower half, the implant makes up the entire mound. There are several ways to manage these conditions, including removing tissue, or releasing the constrictions, or both. In this case, no gland was damaged. This was done at her request because she wanted to be able to try and breast feed at some point in the future. Her implants settled too much on the left.

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