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Saline Filling Recommendations for Breast Implants Virginia

saline breast implant fillingSaline breast implants come in many sizes. With every size, the empty implant is placed during the breast augmentation or breast implant exchange. After it is placed in the breast, it is filled with saline via a tube.

Typically, the breast implant is named for the lowest fill volume that is still considered ‘full.’ Despite the name indicating a specific size, every saline breast implant has an allowed fill volume range. For instance, a ‘300cc’ breast implant will likely have a fill range from 300cc to 330cc or even up to 350cc depending on the manufacturer and style of the breast implant. For medium-profile implants, the volume range is based on how wide the breast implant is. For larger implants, the base is wider. This allows more saline to be added. For high-profile breast implants, the implant itself can expand much higher. As such, the fill range is larger. When filling these, the fuller the implant, the narrower its base becomes. This can cause a pointed look for some. High-profile implants are used less frequently.

For any size saline breast implant, it is common to fill it to the highest volume within the allowed range. For example, a 300 cc implant fill range from a manufacturer may be 300-330cc. Filling this implant up to 330cc is fine. In fact, it is important not to under-fill the implant.

Under-filling means adding less saline than the lowest recommended amount for that size implant. If the implant is not filled to at least that amount, there is an increased risk of ripples and wrinkles. These may be visible on the breast surface.

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Wrinkled implants may also need to be replaced sooner. This is because the wrinkled surface may develop creases or folds. These folds can cause the shell to eventually crack and then fail.

You may have read to avoid over-filling, and this is also true.

It is important to understand that filling the implant to the highest allowed amount is not over-filling. Over-filling occurs when more than the highest allowed volume is used.

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In our example above, filling to 330cc’s is fine. Filling much above that would be over-filling. To have more than 330cc of saline, a larger implant should be used.

The best result for breast augmentation in Virginia, with the least problems, is usually achieved by filling to the highest allowed volume for the implant. This will also give the best results in terms of how the breast feels to the touch.

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