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Breast Implant Removal in Northern Virginia

breast implant removal Northern VirginiaSometimes it may be necessary or desirable for breast implants removal. This may be because of:

In most of these cases, the patient will have a choice to remove just the breast implants or do more work to improve the look. If the implants are removed and the breasts look fine, that will be the whole procedure.

Breast implant removal before and after photos

Breast implant removal before and after photos*

In some cases the breast implant and the scar tissue around it will both be removed. (In general, the surrounding scar tissue – often called the capsule – does not need to be removed unless it is causing a problem). If there has been a problem with the scar tissue and it needs to be removed, the resulting surgery is more involved and has a longer recovery time.

In other cases a breast lift will be done at the same time as well. This is because the look of the breasts may have changed over the years. For instance, the breasts may sag more now. Not all women will require this step; sometimes the loosened tissue will tighten up as it heals after the removal. The plastic surgeon will assess which option is best.

So the risks of breast implant removal will vary depending on which type of surgery is required.

Breast implant removal with lift before and after photos

Breast implant removal with lift before and after photos*

When a breast lift is not required, the original incision point may be able to be used. This may mean no new scar. However, sometimes the scar must be made longer. If a breast lift is done at the same time, those scars are new. The final scars will depend on what is needed to give the breast new shape.

We Will Help Minimize Downtime From Breast Implant Removal

The recovery time will vary, and will depend on the details of the procedure. With the simple process, you will be able to return to work the very next day. If additional surgery is needed, you should plan on being at home to recover for at least the first couple days. Pain medications may be needed during this time, but probably not for long. You will have a follow-up visit to remove the dressings. Bruising and swelling may be present if larger surgeries are performed. Sometimes a drain will be needed for faster recovery as well. For the first few weeks while you are healing, be sure to be careful with your activity level. Don’t exercise, lift heavy objects, or do any other strenuous activity until approved. How soon you can get back to work will depend on your job requirements. Be sure to talk to the plastic surgeon about your specific recovery needs.