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Before After Breast Implant  Reposition Pictures

Below are before and after photos of breast implant exchange and reposition. The breast implant can be placed above or below the muscle. To learn more visit the breast implant placement options page. Over time the implants above the muscle and distort the breast shape. This change in contour can be mild or severe. In cases where the woman is concerned, she may have an implant exchange operation. The implant can be replaced in the same position or put in a different position.

Breast Implant Reposition Pictures*

This Hawaiian Tropic bathing suiting model had her breast augmentation done elsewhere. Her initial implants are above the muscle in the before photos. You can see the rippling in her old implants because she is so thin and lacks tissue to cover the implants. Her after photos show the new, larger implants under the muscles. She was very pleased with her result.

Breast Implant Reposition Pictures*

She has severe capsular contracture from her previous augmentation done by another plastic surgeon. She also had high profile breast implants used which further complicated her result. Her breasts in her before pictures are over projecting and are not only too firm; look unnatural. She has had all scar tissue removed and new implants placed below the muscles for a natural look.

Breast Implant Reposition Pictures*

She had a breast lift with augmentation done by another plastic surgeon. She has developed scar tissue around her implants which caused distortion of her breasts. In her after photos, her scar tissue has been removed and new breast implants have been placed. Both of these steps have resulted in better positioned implants and a more natural appearance.

Breast Implant Reposition Pictures*

This thin woman had her above the muscle breast augmentation done by another plastic surgeon. She was unhappy with her distorted shape and size. In her after pictures, she has had all of her scar tissue removed and new larger breast implants placed below the muscle. Her nipple asymmetry persists but with the overall changes, this minor aspect was acceptable.

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The Loudoun Center and Dr. Michael J Brown have been voted by Virginia Living Magazine as the best cosmetic surgeon in Northern Virginia for 2012 and 2013.  Dr Brown has won similar awards of Top Doctor and Top Plastic Surgeon from Northern Virginia Magazine (2009-2016), Washingtonian Magazine, Best of Ashburn and the Consumer’s Research Council (1999-2016). He and The Loudoun Center have been selected as the Best of Ashburn for 9 consecutive years (2008-2016).

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