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Breast Cancer Reconstruction in Northern Virginia

breast reconstruction northern vaThe main reason for breast reconstruction surgery is to create a new breast or rebuild the breast after cancer treatment. This type of breast surgery will help to create a natural-looking breast shape and size. The goal is to create a new breast as similar to the original as possible. It can be done after the breast was removed (mastectomy) or after the cancer has been taken out of the breast tissue.

Breast cancer may be treated by one or more of the following:

  • Removing the tumor (lumpectomy)
  • Partial mastectomy (breast conservation or segmental mastectomy)
  • Single mastectomy
  • Double mastectomy (sometimes done as a precaution, even if cancer is not found in both breasts)
  • Radiation

If you would like to have your breast(s) reconstructed after cancer treatments, it is ideal to talk to your plastic surgeon about this as early in the process as possible. After cancer treatment, there are several options. These include:

  • Using other muscles to recreate the breast. For example, muscles from the back or stomach could be used.
  • Breast implants can be used.
  • Advanced procedures, such as recreating breast flaps from skin on other parts of the body, are also an option.

Dr. Michael J. Brown has experience in each of these types of breast reconstruction. He can work with you to find which option suits best for your needs.

When Can Breast Reconstruction be Done?

There are some choices on the timing of this type of surgery.

  • For some women, the surgery can be done at the same time as the removal of the original breast tissue. This may have better results; this may be because nearby tissues will be less damaged since radiation was not performed. However, this may not be an option. It depends on your cancer treatment plan.
  • It could also be done after radiation treatment has ended. Since radiation can cause concerns in the reconstruction process, it is best to talk to Dr. Michael J. Brown about what timing might work best for you.

Dr. Brown has ample experience in breast reconstruction surgery after cancer treatment. He also performs secondary reconstructions to enhance the results of a previous surgery.

Information to Consider

Breast reconstruction is a procedure that requires surgical skill and a good aesthetic sense; however, even with a high skill level there are other considerations. Patients considering it should be aware of what it can and cannot accomplish. Here are some things to bear in mind:

  • The new breast will not have the same sensation as the original.
  • It can be difficult to achieve the same look as the other breast. Be sure to have realistic expectations of the result before getting started.
  • This is not a scar-less surgery, regardless of which option is used. Besides the scars on the breast, there may also be scars in other locations if other tissue is used to create the new breast.
  • As with any surgery, there are risks involved. It is very important to understand these risks. Some examples include bleeding, infection, or skin loss (necrosis). Smoking increases the risks. Be sure to understand the risks and potential side effects when making your decision.
  • If only one breast is reconstructed, the two may now not look alike. A surgery on the second breast may be needed to improve this. For example, a breast lift might be done on the other breast.

Breast Reconstruction Testimonials*

I was a 26-year-old who lost a significant amount of breast tissue and needed breast reconstruction. I had heard and read only good things about Dr. Brown. I highly recommend him and his work to everyone that is considering breast surgery. He is one of the best plastic surgeons that I know and has the credentials to back it up. The change he made in my life is truly amazing.


Dr. Brown did my breast reconstruction surgery after a right mastectomy. He used a silicone breast implant and one of my back muscles. He did this at the same time as my mastectomy, so when I woke up from the surgery, I still had a breast! Dr. Brown restored me to feeling whole. He helped me through a terrifying experience of my life and I will never forget what he and my other doctors did for me. Dr. Brown treated me with warmth and dignity. I tell everyone who wants to know about what they did for me. God bless them.


My story begins having my first breast reconstruction with another plastic surgeon. I thought my result was not as I had imagined. I was initially happy to be alive and the breast was ok. As the years went by, I realized that I did not have to have that result. I found Dr Brown and he changed my outlook. His revision and surgery to the other breast made a huge improvement.


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