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Butt Lift with Fat Injection in Northern Virginia

butt-lift-northern-vaMany parts of the body can be enhanced through plastic surgery and the buttock is no exception. Some women prefer a butt with a different shape or size than their current form. Sometimes their natural shape changes or sags over time, weight changes or after pregnancy.

Butt augmentation can alter the shape, firmness, and size. It can be combined with liposuction of the surrounding areas to create a whole new look. (The size of the butt can also be reduced instead).

There are a couple different options to butt augmentation: butt implants or fat injection. Each has pros and cons.

Butt implant information

Silicone implants are the preferred implant type in the US. The buttock implants available in Europe and South America are more advanced than those approved by the FDA.


  • The scar can be hidden between the buttocks.
  • The implants come in many shapes and sizes.
  • The right and left side should easily match since the implant size will be the same.


  • These implants can become hard over time.
  • They can be difficult to place.
  • They can also shift during regular movement and sitting.
  • A side effect can occur where the body creates fluid around the implant (a seroma). This must be drained, either with drain tubes or with a needle.
  • Infection is possible.

Fat injection information

Most plastic surgeons prefer this method due to the cons described above for implants.


  • The result is softer than with implants. It feels more natural. (This is, of course, because it uses natural tissue from the body).
  • There are fewer problems with this method.
  • The process is less invasive.
  • Less time is needed to recover.
  • This option is better suited for someone with enough fat to be moved.


  • Sometimes it is tough to get enough viable fat to perform the surgery.
  • The fat cells may not remain viable over time.
  • It can be tougher to get both sides to be symmetrical.
  • Even with a good result, some of the fat cells can die. This can create later asymmetry.

Butt Augmentation through Fat Injection: How Does it Work?

For this process, first, fat is taken out of the body through liposuction. That fat is then prepared to be used for the injection. It may be rinsed (or not), or rinsed with antibiotics or saline. The fat cannot be used right away – it needs to be able to settle and separate into layers. Once this happens, the plastic surgeon can see how much fat is suitable to be used for the injection. Only one of the layers of the fat can be used. The other layers are disposed of. Each of these steps affects how much fat remains viable.

For the fat to survive the injection, it needs access to a blood supply to provide oxygen. For this reason, it is often injected into the butt muscles. (The butt muscles have a good blood supply). The specifics of where the fat is placed will of course vary by person. This is because the overall desired look will vary. There is an artistry to the process. Since every person is shaped differently, the entire shape needs to be considered at the beginning. Even the bone structure and muscles need to be considered in the outcome. This is especially true when also changing surrounding areas. Reducing the fat on the back, thighs, and hips will put more emphasis on the shape of the derriere. The plastic surgeon must consider all of this during the process, as well as ensuring a symmetric result.

Fat Injections: Risk of Asymmetry

The main concern with using fat injections is the difficulty getting the sides to match. The two sides can be different either because a different amount of fat was placed, or because a different amount survived. (Some of the fat dies after injection). If the fat dies, it gets naturally absorbed into the body instead of staying in place. It is normal that between 15 and 35 percent of the injected fat may not survive. As such, the plastic surgeon often places more than is required during the procedure. Sometimes a follow-up procedure is used to balance out the outcome.

After the fat injection to the butt

Right after the procedure, the patient is not able to sit or lie on the butt. It will take a few weeks to be able to fully resume normal activities. During the time right after the procedure, a compression garment is used to keep everything in place and to help in healing. Antibiotics and pain medication will also be used.

The body may also retain fluids during the healing period. As such, the final result may not be known for several months. The shape may continue to change for up to a year.

Like any surgery, there are risks involved. It is also important to have realistic expectations. Consult with the plastic surgeon to learn more about the risks, the preparation, the healing process, and other things to consider. There are also before and after photos to view to get a realistic view of the possible outcomes.

Buttock Augmentation adding fat

Buttock Augmentation adding fat*


Subtraction Buttock Enhancement, no fat added

Subtraction Buttock Enhancement, no fat added*