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Double Bubble after Breast Augmentation Pictures

Theses pictures demonstrate the ‘double bubble’. Women whose breast implants have settled low and below the crease or fold of the breast. In some cases, the implant is below the fold with the woman’s arms at her side. In other cases, the implants are below the fold only when the woman’s arms are over her head. This condition has varying degrees of severity, in some women, it warrants correction. In more mild cases, no additional surgery is desired.

Double Bubble after Breast Augmentation in VA*

She had her augmentation done by another plastic surgeon seen in the top before photos. She wanted larger breast implants and thought the double bubble happened to all women who had implants. Ideally, she would have kept the same sized implants and had her folds or creases reconstructed. Size was more important and although the sharpness of the crease was lessened, it is still visible. She does not mind this consequence and happy with her large breast implants.

Double Bubble after Breast Augmentation in VA*

She had her large breast implants placed by another plastic surgeon. During that augmentation surgery he had lowered the breast fold on the right to try and get the large implant to go down and raise up the nipple on that side. In her after pictures, she has had the large implants removed and smaller implants placed. The double bubble did not bother her and she had declined repair of it because of the additional costs. It was only visible with her arms up over her head.

Double Bubble after Breast Augmentation in VA*

In her left breast the implant has settle well below the crease or fold of that breast causing a ‘double bubble’. This can also be called lower pole fallout.  The first surgery was performed by another plastic surgeon. This is a consequence of implant weight, chest muscle position, tissue strength quality and degree of dissection during surgery. After the scar tissue pocket has completely formed, she had a fold reconstruction on the left side. In the final picture, there has been a degree of recurrence at 6 months after the repair.

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