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High Breast Implants after Breast Augmentation Northern VA

These before and after pictures depict high positioned breast implants. Their breast implants have not settled into perfect position. This can occur in some cases. Most women actually do not mind the slightly extra fullness in the upper part of the breasts. This fullness is also called persistent upper pole fullness. The degree of how high the breast implants can vary. How much of a ‘bump’ exists will depend on the position of the breast implant and how heavy the woman’s natural breast tissue is.

High Breast Implants After Breast Augmentation*

This relatively short woman requested a fuller sized augmentation. Her posture demonstrates a curvature in her spine resulting in her right shoulder being positioned lower than the left. Also note that she carries her breasts pretty high on her chest. She has a smaller breast on the right side with a lower nipple too. With a larger breast implant, you can get worsening of an asymmetry. This is also magnified with the implant on that side not settling to the ideal position. She declined any surgery and was very happy with her result.

High Breast Implants After Breast Augmentation*

This is a very mild case of upper pole fullness. She has breast implants that settle very nicely. In her after photos, in her profile views, you may notice that along the upper half of her breasts she has a bump. That is her implant which settle just a bit too high. She does not mind this all. This upper pole fullness is what happens in push up bras. So hers is built in!

High Breast Implants After Breast Augmentation*

She has slightly underdeveloped lower halves of her breasts. She wanted large breast implants. You can see in her after photos that the implants did a nice job improving the lower halves of the breasts and giving her lots of volume. They could not descend all the down so she does have just a bit of extra fullness in the upper half or pole of the breasts. She did not mind the extra fullness.

High Breast Implants After Breast Augmentation*

She is a tall woman and selected a nice sized implant. In her before pictures note how little skin there is showing from her areolar edge to the breast crease, especially on the right. Typically this skin stretches out nicely over time. In her case, the implants did not settle all the way down and she has some fullness in the upper aspects of her breasts on profile. She does not mind this.

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