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Ideal Breast Implants in Northern Virginia

The FDA has approved the newest saline filled breast implants called the ‘Ideal Breast Implant’. What makes the Ideal breast implant so special is that it is saline filled and yet it feels like a silicone gel breast implant. This new ideal breast implant was designed by a plastic surgeon from Dallas, Texas. It has taken years for him to design, produce and then go through the very difficult process of getting them approved by the FDA. The ideal implants are manufactured in the USA.

The Ideal Implant has the best of both worlds when it comes to breast implants. The established saline breast implant works well. It is a single walled bag that is filled at the time of breast augmentation surgery. It is placed using a small breast incision. Its drawback is that can be felt fairly easily in skinny women with breast implants. It also is worry free if it ever breaks. The saline simply leaks into the body without any problems.

The established silicone breast implant is also a single walled bag, but it is filled with a silicone gel. This is placed using a larger incision. It has a superior feel in most patients undergoing breast augmentation. Its drawback is that when it fails the person can be concern about the silicone gel leaking into their bodies. This concern does drive some women to go for the established saline implant just to not have the concerns about the leak.

The new Ideal Breast Implant has the best of both worlds because it has the feel of silicone and the safety of saline. This is accomplished by the bag actually having more than one layer or inner linings. These inner layers and two separate compartments to fill allows for the better feel. It is really fabulous!

ideal breast implants in northern virginia


The implant is brand new technology and has achieved FDA approval. With its launch, the Ideal Breast Implant costs more than a standard single bag saline breast implant, and just about the same as a silicone gel breast implant augmentation. This added expense for the breast augmentation is because there are more bags compartments to fill and the price of these new, exciting devices.

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