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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) in Ashburn, VA

Dr. Michael J. Brown is pleased to offer cosmetic Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). IPL is an innovative skin treatment. It uses multiple laser wavelengths to reduce and even get rid of extra pigmentation, small broken blood vessels, and wrinkles. It also improves facial toning. It is most often done on the face and neck, but the chest, hands, arms, and legs can be treated as well. We use the Inmode System which has the finest IPL on the market.

What are the benefits of IPL in Ashburn?

IPL is ideal for eliminating a variety of cosmetic problems including:

  • Small broken blood vessels
  • Wrinkles
  • Rosacea
  • Age Spots/Sun Spots
  • Large Pores
  • Freckles
  • Pigmentation Variances
  • Spider Veins
  • Flushing

How does IPL work?*

Laser light is absorbed by pigmented areas. There, the light is changed to heat. This causes the pigment to break up. For small broken vessels and spider veins, the laser light is absorbed by the pigment in the blood. This shrinks the unwanted vein. For wrinkles and skin toning, the laser promotes collagen growth. This makes the skin more supple. One of the medical aestheticians will look at your skin condition and choose the best treatment for you.

IPL before after in Ashburn VA

When will you see results with IPL?

The effects add up over time. After the first session, you will see progress in the look of small broken vessels, small facial veins and some pigmented areas. These results will be visible within a few days. Other progress, such as toning and getting rid of wrinkles, will be subtler. These may take one to three months to see. Friends may say that you look more rested. With each new treatment, more subtle changes will accrue until you get the improvement you desire. The Inmode system would rarely require more than two treatments. Most often it is a one treatment IPL!

How often can you have IPL done?

We used to advise a single treatment to treat most conditions. Rarely a second IPL will be indicated. These should be spaced two to four weeks apart. Sometimes more treatments may be needed for certain people or conditions. Regular maintenance treatments may be prescribed for optimal, lasting results.

What can you expect immediately post-treatment of IPL?

Right after the session you may have some redness. You may also have swelling and/or a slight darkening of the pigmented areas. The redness and swelling usually go away in one to three days. However, darkened pigmentation may persist. You may develop a stripping pattern on the treated area which will peel. It may peel lightly for up to one week. Makeup can be used on the area right away if needed.

Hair growth may be impaired in the treated area, though this is not the aim of this treatment. It is very important to use a moisturizer with SPF30 sun block. Avoid sun exposure on a daily basis to prevent more sun damage.

How long does IPL take?

This treatment with IPL takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

Laser Genesis Skin Therapy in Northern Virginia*

Have you ever heard of Laser Genesis? What can it do? What is it like? In short, Laser Genesis is a treatment for scars, large pores, excessively red skin, and uneven skin texture. It works by using modern laser technology and creates results without pain. The laser prompts the skin to create more collagen, which then in turn creates an improved look of the skin. Your skin will even appear younger.

The process brings back a youthful glow. It can smooth uneven skin and improve the texture. (Changes in texture can come from aging, sun damage, or scarring). It can also minimize the size of pores and improve other minor imperfections. The skin looks more vibrant and has fewer fine lines. Scars are reduced and skin tone looks more even.

Both men and women can benefit from Laser Genesis. Typically, Laser Genesis is done over several treatments. Four to six sessions are normal. They are usually done about three or four weeks apart. The results add up after each session. The laser works by heating the lower levels of the skin, the dermis. The dermis has both collagen and elastin proteins that affect the strength and tone of the skin. The heat from the laser forces more collagen to be created, which then repairs the look of the skin and makes it more supple from the inside. This process can be done all over the face and neck. It may also be used in some cases to treat scars in other areas.

laser genesis ashburn va
before after laser genesis ashburn va

You will see subtle yet steady results after each treatment. It does not cause harmful side effects such as bruising or extreme skin irritation. Your therapy can be done in a relaxed, comfortable way without the need for numbing agents.

What to expect to prepare for the Laser Genesis treatment

When you go to the Loudoun Center for Laser Genesis therapy, here are some things to expect:

  • Makeup will need to be removed
  • Any moisturizers or lotions will also need to be removed
  • If required, the treatment area may need to be shaved (facial hair could interfere)
  • You will not have to apply any preparations or numbing agents—the treatment is gentle

If you have any questions, the staff can answer them for you before the treatment begins.

What to expect during Laser Genesis treatment

The idea of using a laser on your skin might seem scary. It shouldn’t be, though. The Laser Genesis procedure is actually quite gentle. It does not create any pain. Some patients even consider the sessions to be relaxing. The main sensation you feel will be warmth as the laser is moved above your skin. There is no down time to recover, and you can get straight back to your normal activities. (The main precaution is to use sunscreen for any sun exposure).

The only common side effect is short-term redness. This usually goes away within a few hours. That said, be sure you know the risks before you get started. Some other procedures may cause bruising or skin irritation; Laser Genesis usually does not. It can be done without the aid of numbing agents.

Each session will incrementally change the look of the skin. That said, the results depend on the collagen production later, so the changes each time are subtle. After several sessions, however, the results become more noticeable. Talk to Dr. Michael J. Brown or his staff to see what to expect for your skin and whether this treatment is a good option for you.

What is diffuse redness?*

before after laser genesis ashburn virginia

Diffuse redness is a skin issue that Laser Genesis can treat. This is when the face has a red look—rosy cheeks are a good example. It is caused when the small blood vessels under the surface dilate. This causes redness to occur. (It differs from spider veins; with spider veins the vein can be seen beneath the skin. With diffuse redness, there is a general look of red skin). It happens on the nose, forehead, and cheeks the most. It also may be related to rosacea, which can be inherited.

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