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Laser Hair Removal in Ashburn Virginia

Laser hair removal is fantastic for unwanted hair that can be a source of frustration. Removing it with traditional means may seem to be a never-ending process. Finding a solution like laser hair removal can improve the quality of life for those who have to deal with unwanted hair on a regular basis.

How does laser hair removal work?

Lasers target the hair at the root: the hair follicle. The laser actually damages the follicle so that the hair can no longer grow. The find the hair follicle by targeting the hair itself. The laser’s energy targets and heats the hair; the heat transfer damages the hair follicle.

Anatomy of hair for laser hair removal ashburn

Anatomy of hair for laser hair removal

This is an important note because hair follicles do not always have a hair growing. When they do not, the laser will not find them. Only around a third of our hair follicles are active at a given time. So the laser will only be able to target about a third of the hair follicles in an area during a single treatment. This is why it takes multiple treatments to treat one area, even though the laser is used over the entire area every session. It is normal that laser hair removal must be done up to four or five times to get the best reduction in hair. Over this many sessions, most of the follicles will have been in the growth stage (and thus be able to be targeted by the laser) at some point.

Since 1995, Laser hair removal has been available in the US. However, despite its popularity, previous lasers were limited in who could receive treatment. This is because they used low light wavelengths that could not safely target the hair follicle without injuring the skin for all but a select range of skin colors. This meant they only worked well for a small group of people. People with tanned skin or darker skin colors even ended up with burns and scars.

Even for the people who were able to be treated with these lasers, there was a higher level of risks and complications.

There are lots of well-known ways to remove hair, but they each have pros and cons. You probably use one or more (maybe even all) of these methods: tweezing, shaving, waxing, hair-removal creams, and electrolysis. The most obvious con to each of these methods besides electrolysis is that they are temporary. And electrolysis is very time consuming because it only treats one hair at a time.

Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Before after Laser Hair Removal, 1 Year after completion of treatments*

Before Laser Hair Removal, 1 Year after completion of treatments*

Laser hair removal, on the other hand, quickly removes the hair and has lasting results. Done right, it can stop the hair from ever growing back. (This requires the right laser to be used and for it to be used on the proper setting).

Laser hair removal is fast because a large amount of hair follicles can be treated at the same time. And there is no damage to the skin in the process. This method works quickly and lasts for a long time. Most people tolerate the laser very well. Some have minor discomfort (redness and swelling) that goes away after a few hours. Here is pdf of the risks of Laser Hair Removal.

Our Preferred Laser Hair Removal System: CoolGlide© Laser

The CoolGlide system uses a long-pulse Nd:YAG laser. It is FDA approved to permanently reduce the amount of hair in the treated area. (It was the first to be cleared for this purpose for all skin types). The ability to treat all skin types is a major advance in the technology. It includes a cooling mechanism to allow the skin to be protected. It also can clear a large area at once, making hair removal more efficient. It allows a high degree of control over the settings to ensure patient comfort. This also minimizes side effects. This is one of the most advanced laser hair removal options available.

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL can also be used for laser hair removal and the InMode Laser System’s IPL works very well.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Who you choose for your laser hair removal will influence both the result and the cost. Find out what type of laser they use. Make sure it is one that uses current technology, has effective power, and is safe. Also find out how much experience they have. (Our team has many years of experience and we have a licensed medical aesthetician).

When it comes to the cost, many providers are overpriced because they charge by the area treated rather than by the time the treatment takes. For example, there may be a set fee to remove hair from the underarms. It might include x sessions (5, for example). But there is no distinction for how long each session takes. So, if you divide the price by the number of minutes the treatment takes, the hourly rate can be outrageous!

A great example of this is removing hair from the chin. Typically this treatment only takes around 15 minutes per session, yet can cost hundreds. If you do the math to determine the hourly rate it could be over $500 per hour or even more. Even with package rates for more than one treatment area, the price can still be very high.

The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery & Dermatology takes the guesswork out of laser hair removal pricing.

We offer standard time block fees. We price per time (BY THE HOUR), not by treatment! This makes appointments flexible for patients. Our most popular block is the one hour time block. We charge $400 for one hour appointment times. This is a reasonable price considering how much surface area can be treated in one appointment.

Dr Michael J Brown

Our office changes this dynamic. Instead of charging per area, we charge by the hour. This gives patients the flexibility to get multiple treatments done at the same time. This is a cost-effective approach. It creates a good result for our clients as well.

We charge a rate per hour of laser hair removal treatment. We will gladly talk with you about how much area can be covered in that time and you can buy other increments as well. Here is a breakdown:

  • 30 minutes: $250
  • 60 minutes: $400
  • 90 minutes: $500
  • 120 minutes: $600

As you see, the longer treatment times are the most cost effective, meaning you can get multiple areas treated all at once without paying more. Patients can customize which areas they would like treated in each session. These prices assume that set up time and clean up time are part of the treatment time; the actual time spent using the laser will be slightly less.

To give you an idea of what areas can be treated in these times, here is a generic breakdown. Exact times may vary.

  • One 30-minute session could cover either:
    • Upper lip, chin, and underarms
    • Bikini area
    • Lower legs
  • A 60-minute session could cover either:
    • Full face, underarms and bikini area
    • Underarms, bikini area, and lower legs
    • Chest (male)
  • A 90-minute session could cover:
    • Both a full leg hair removal and the bikini area
    • Full legs and underarms
    • Back (male) and back of the neck
  • A 120-minute session could cover:
    • Full legs, bikini, underarms, forearms and maybe also some facial treatments too
    • Full chest and back and shoulders (male)

These times are of course approximate, but you can see how our hourly treatment prices can be much more cost effective than our competition.


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