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Women with Long Torso and Breast Implants Photos

These are before and after breast augmentation photos of tall women with long torsos. Not all tall women have long torsos. Some tall women are simply ‘all leg’ and their torso is no different than a women a few inches shorter.

Women With Long Torso Breast Implants Photos*

She is a tall woman and wanted to enhance her figure significantly. She requested breast implants that changed her physique. Her outpointing nipples still exist and can be seen in the after augmentation photos.

Women With Long Torso Breast Implants Photos*

Unlike some of the other examples, this tall woman carries her breast mounds high on her chest. In her after photos you can see that she has had a natural volume enhancement. For her frame, she took the largest breast implant she could and still maintain a proportional result. She does have a bit of asymmetry but overall, she has a wonderful result.

Women With Long Torso Breast Implants Photos*

She really has a long torso and carries her breast about midway to average for tall woman. Notice how narrow her shoulders are despite being tall. Also if you study her right breast you will see that the fold on that side is a bit lower. It looks like the implant is low from the front view on the after photos but if you look at her right profile view you will see that her breast has a nice shape. Her result is a consequence of her fold asymmetry and a bit of extra settling on the right side.

Women With Long Torso Breast Implants Photos*

She is a tall woman and has long slender arms and carries her breasts a bit low. Her breast characteristics are pretty good. Her right and left nipples both point outward. You can see from her photos that the implants have settled beautifully under her tissue. Her nipple asymmetries still persist. Her breasts fit her tall frame and she is very pleased.

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