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Before and after Narrow Gapped Women & Breast Augmentation Photos

Below are before and after breast augmentation photos of women with breasts that are close together. This is called having a narrow gap. It is important to note that the gap may appear less noticeable when the breasts are smaller. Once the breast implants are placed, the gap can appear even more narrow. Most women do like the more narrow or cleavage look. This gap characteristic in most cases can be improved a bit, but overall the gap is what it is.

Narrow Cleavage Women Breast Augmentation Photos*

You can see that this woman is very thin with little body fat. She does, fortunately for her, have some breast tissue and a narrow gap. This narrow gap created nice cleavage. This allowed me to place a modest sized implant that really enhanced her look without dominating her. She was very pleased with her augmentation result.

Narrow Cleavage Women Breast Augmentation Photos*

She has beautiful full breasts in her before pictures, so you can easily predict that she will have an awesome result, and she does. She has a large breast implant look but really it is because she has full breasts to start with. Her actual implant was not that large. She has the type of cleavage that many women request at their consultation.

Narrow Cleavage Women Breast Augmentation Photos*

This thin Asian woman was looking to improve her aesthetics but not over power her. You can see in her before photos that her natural tissues near the midline for good cleavage potential. In her after photos you can see that she has a wonderful result that met her goals.

Narrow Cleavage Women Breast Augmentation Photos*

She has lovely anatomy. She is a solid framed lady who was searching for a more feminizing result. You can see the breast implants completely change her overall body characteristics. In her photos she looks more slender, with a beautiful, natural augmentation result and great cleavage. Also note that her gap result really occurs because it is there already.

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