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Areolar Breast Lift Pictures

Below are examples of periareolar breast lift plastic surgery. Periareolar means around the areola. So there are no other incisions on the breast. This type of breast lift can also be done with breast implants being placed at the same time. To learn more, visit the breast lift information page on the site.

Periareolar Breast Lift Pictures*

This woman wanted to avoid the larger incisions and resulting scars from a full breast lift. Fortunately, she had good skin and breast tissue. The implant was able to fill up the volume of the skin envelop and raise the breast mound. You may see that the areolas do protrude out a bit away from the rest of the breast. This is because she has a permanent stitch to keep the areolar from getting larger. Her implants are a bit high and over time, these will settle a bit. Note that even after the surgery she remains with some asymmetries.

Periareolar Breast Lift Pictures*

This women having breast feed 3 children took a hit for the team. She had been large with the breast feeding and did not want to be too large. You can notice that she does have deflated breasts and large areolas. She did not want the vertical incision under the areola. She also declined the permanent stitch because of the areolar protruding concerns that can be seen through bras in some cases. So you can see her areolas remained large. Since she had this before, it did not bother her and was pleased.

Periareolar Breast Lift Pictures*

This woman has reasonable posture, she does slouch a bit which alters her true result. She has low nipple positions. She declined the permanent stitch around the areolas which prevents the areolas from potentially widening. She elected not to have it because it can make the areolas protrude out. This can be noticeable through bras and clothes. You can also notice she selected a modest breast implant size and has some persistent nipple position asymmetries. With her shoulders back, her breasts look even better.

Periareolar Breast Lift Pictures*

This set of before and after photos shows an intermediate result. The middle images show the breast implants a few weeks to months after the surgery. The lower images show the true after photographs. This women could have had a much better long term result if she would have accepted the vertical incision for her breast lift. This component allows the breast mound to lifted to a better position than just raising the nipple position. She only had a lift on the right side to match the left position, so there was not lift on the left. It is a one sided lift.

Periareolar Breast Lift Pictures*

These before and after breast lift photos demonstrate limitations of the breast lift using only the incision around the areola. When this limited incision is selected the amount of lift possible may not be enough for a full correction. Although she has had a nice improvement, if she had allowed for a vertical incision to be used, she would have been lifted much higher. In this situation, she has opted for the permanent stitch around the areola. In the after photos, the areola is protruding out. In the profile view, another limitation of the periareolar stitch can be appreciated, the breast seems a bit blunted or lost projection. This is because of the purse string effect of the stitch that runs all the way around the areola. Adding the vertical incision to create a lollipop type scar would have left a thin scar but the other issues above would not be there.

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