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Breast Augmentation: Before and After Photo Considerations

breast augmentation northern virginiaWhen preparing for a breast augmentation surgery, one of the steps should be to review good before and after photos. This lets you see what a realistic result might be for you. This can also allow you to show the plastic surgeon the type of result you would prefer; then the surgeon can best understand and help you to reach your goals when possible.

Unfortunately, doing an online search will yield many unhelpful results. This is because the photos are not standardized. Some photos are even deceptive. While the subject may not be apples, the phrase ‘comparing apples to apples’ definitely applies. This is because a lot of photos exist online that use techniques to make the results appear better than they truly are. It is not an apples to apples comparison. There are many ways that an after photo can appear to be enhanced when it is not. For example, if the woman’s arms are behind her back, if her hands are on her hips, or if her back is arched. These poses can make the breasts appear to be changed because the nipple will not be at the same height as before. Also look out for any time the after photo is taken from a different angle than the before photo.

To truly compare apples to apples, you should know what to look for in a good before and after photo. Here are some tips to help ensure the photos you’re looking at are a true representation of the breast augmentation surgery results:

  • Ensure the photos are taken of the woman while she is standing. Her arms should be at her sides. This is a more natural and relaxed position; it does not make the breasts look changed when they are not. It does not make the result appear more drastic than it is.
  • The before and after shots should be of the same position. They should be taken at the same angle and they should be from the same distance.
  • Ideally, the photo should show the entire area from the base of the neck to the belly button. It should include both arms.
  • Also ideally, photos should be available from the front and from both sides. A photo from an angle is also helpful; of course the angle used must be consistent.

By finding photos with these guidelines in mind, you’ll have a consistent view for comparison. This means you’ll be able to review real results. You’ll see that results vary from woman to woman, but the variance shouldn’t be in the photographing technique!

Photos can be used to assess a plastic surgeon’s expertise. They can also be used to help you decide what size and shape you would prefer. When looking for photos to help decide what result you would like, be sure to look for breasts that are the most like your own ‘before’ look. Without this, the after photo may not be a realistic result for you.

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