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Wide Gap

Women with wide gap between breasts can still have nice results in their before and after photos.

Wide Gap Breast Augmentation Photos

This is a difficult case and could have resulted in a bad outcome if great attention to detail was not used. She is a relatively small  woman who did not want large breasts. Her rib cage is prominent in the midline so she carries her breasts off to her sides. Look how far apart her nipples are.  She also has a wide gap because of this.   Since a small implant was selected, the key was to keep the implant centered under the breast and nipple. This resulted in no improvement in her gap, but beautiful breast mounds. In clothes and swim suits, she looks great. Her gap does not concern her at all.

Wide Gap Breast Augmentation Pictures

This woman has a wide gap between her breasts. This is also known as a wide breast bone or sternum. The breast implants can only get so close because there is no muscle coverage. If they were positioned too close the implants would lift up the skin and she could get symmastia. The nipples would also not be centered on the breasts. Centering the nipples is very important of aesthetic outcome. In her before and after photos, she has excellent positioned breast implants under her nipples and on her chest wall.

Wide Gap Breast Augmentation Images

She has grown up with modest breasts and a wide gap between her breasts. In clothes you would not notice this gap. Her implants are perfectly placed and centered under her nipples. If the cleavage was over emphasized, her nipples would have been redirected towards her armpits. This would not have been a good idea. In her bra and swim suit, she looks great. Since she has always had a wide gap, this does not bother her at all. The message here is that your anatomy will influence the breast augmentation result.

Wide Gap Breast Augmentation Pics

This thin woman has a long torso and a deceptively curved rib cage.  You can notice how wide spread her breasts are even in the before photos.  Her breast implants are centered under her glands and thus provide a very nice augmentation result in her pictures.  Her gap is a bit wide because of her nipple positions, rib curvature and implant widths.