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Want a new look but don’t want surgery? Tired of looking tired? Titan Laser may be the answer.

If you’re looking for a way to get some of the benefits of a face lift without the surgery, consider laser treatments. The Titan Laser tightens the skin using infrared light. The laser targets the dermis, which is the skin layer below the surface. (The use of light energy gives a better distribution of energy than other methods, such as using radio frequency. This means that the deep layers of skin can be heated more efficiently).

The infrared light from the Titan laser interacts with the natural water in the dermal layer. As the water heats up, it prompts the collagen in the skin to contract. When it contracts, it firms up sagging areas. It also prompts the skin to begin producing more collagen. This new collagen will improve the strength and suppleness of the skin and create a more youthful look.

All over the world, the Titan Laser has been used in clinics and studied. It is being used in Europe to treat wrinkles and in Canada for general skin treatments. In the US, it is used as described above to increase the temperature of facial tissue and improve circulation. (As noted above, this temperature change will affect collagen production). Further approvals for other uses in the US are pending.

What areas does Titan work best on?

Those with a minor amount of loose skin to tighten are the best candidates for the Titan Laser. It is best suited for someone who:

  • Has a little loose skin under the chin and neck
  • Minor loose skin around the belly
  • Does not want an invasive procedure
  • Wants to delay cosmetic surgery with simpler treatments
  • Understands what the laser can and cannot achieve

That said, the Titan Laser can be used on any skin type since it heats the layer below the surface.

For someone who has a lot of loose skin or fatty tissue, the Titan Laser results may not be sufficient. It also may take a few months to see full results, which may not be fast enough for some. For these groups, more traditional options are recommended.

Realistic expectations are the key. If you know what the procedure can and cannot do, you will be happy with your choice. Talk to Dr. Michael J. Brown or the staff at the Loudoun Center to discuss this and to fully understand what procedure might help you meet your goals. Dr. Brown was the first plastic surgeon in the area to bring this option for his patients. He and his staff are very knowledgeable about the Titan Laser.

What areas respond best to the Titan Laser procedure?*

Since heating the deep layers of the skin forces the collagen to contract, this procedure is best suited for any area that has loose skin. This might include the abs, the area under the chin, the back of the arms, or the jaw line, for example. All of these areas might be candidates in addition to using it on the face.

Titan Laser skin tightening examples

Titan Laser skin tightening examples*

However, the Titan Laser has its limits. It cannot get rid of stretch marks. It does not work to treat skin cancer. And it will not be able to reverse extreme wrinkles or photo damage. It is best for any area with some – but not too much – loose skin to tighten.

titan laser ashburn before and after pictures
Titan Laser treatments on abdomen

Titan Laser treatments on abdomen*

When will I see the Titan results? How long will they last?

The results will depend on how loose the skin was to begin with and the condition of the skin. If the skin has minor laxity, then the results will be immediate. For an average amount of skin laxity, the results will appear over time. The new collagen takes time to grow. Over three to six months, skin continues to get firmer and fuller.

All patients benefit from having the Titan Laser treatment done at least two times usually three. Dr. Brown and his staff can work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your needs.

One of the biggest advantages to this treatment is there is no down time to heal. No wounds are created and the skin does not peel or flake. However, some may view this fact as a negative because it may not feel as though there was an immediate change. For those in the latter group, Fraxel may be a better option.

What Does the Titan Laser Facelift Feel Like? Are There Side Effects and Risks?

The laser heats the lower skin levels directly through the skins surface. The top layer of skin is kept cool at the same time with the hand piece. This means that the top layers of skin are not directly affected. The change in temperature of the skin layers is well-controlled. It is only heated to the amount needed to create the collagen changes.

However, the procedure is still uncomfortable. You will be able to feel the heat pulses throughout the process. At the beginning, the laser will be adjusted to a level you are comfortable with. Some people opt to take a Tylenol before having the procedure. Others, however, don’t mind the feel of the laser without any medication.

Since there is no external injury to the skin, you will be able to return to normal activities right away. However, for the first few hours, you may have some swelling and redness.

Using an infrared spectrum of light to heat the skin is safe. It does not injure the external layer of skin or create any wounds that must be tended.

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