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Vanquish: What is it? How does it work?

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The Vanquish is a very exciting new device. The Vanquish system is designed to deliver energy into the tissues without injuring the skin or other structures. The form of energy is radio-frequency or RF. This new device delivers a revolutionary, non-invasive Selective RF and actual real time monitoring with impedance tuning circuitry. This allows for changes to be made during the treatment to be sure to safely deliver the correct amount of energy to effective treat without undue risk or complication.

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So you can see that Vanquish selectively delivers the energy with virtually no risk of overheating the skin, muscles or deeper structures. It is FDA approved to soft tissue heating. In the EU, the Vanquish has both soft tissue heating clearance and treatment of adipose (fat) tissue. The FDA has not yet cleared Vanquish for treatment of adipose tissue.

The scientific research has shown that the selective RF waves heat the fatty tissues and at this selective wavelength, the fat cellular tissue will heat up over the time of the treatment (as shown above in the graph). This causes the fat cells to undergo ‘Apoptosis’ or cell death. The non living fat cells are then absorbed by the body and contour changes. The fat is reduced without even touching the body!

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You can see that the device literally does not even touch the person. It is suspended over the targeted area to deliver the energy. As the energy is delivered the tissues will warm up. The Vanquish provides the sensation like that of a heating pad. So it is very comfortable. Some patients even comment that it is relaxing. What is not shown is that there is a thin pad that absorbs the perspiration. The energy is delivered for only thirty minutes. So each session is only 30-45 minutes and there are 4 – 6 sessions required to get the best results. These sessions are currently recommended to be about one week apart.

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IR image of Vanquish treatment Ashburn

Above are thermal imaging scans of a woman’s and a man’s abdomen after a Vanquish treatment. You can appreciate the deeper color on the abdomen. This represents that the tissue that were in the areas of treatment have been heated to temperature that is higher than the other areas of the body. The non treated areas have essentially been unchanged. It is this increased temperature within the treated areas that causes the cellular response and loss of fat cells.

Who is a candidate for Vanquish fat reduction?

Vanquish is for patients who have areas of undesirable fatty deposits. The current configuration of the machine is most effective on the abdomen, flanks, thighs and back areas. The company is working on different hand pieces to allow to treat smaller areas. The treatment is NOT a weight reduction but rather one of contour.

Vanquish is contraindicated in people with METAL IMPLANTS as well as any active implanted medical device which includes, but is not limited to, a pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear implant or diabetic pump. If you had one of theses implanted devices in the past, but it has since been removed, please let us know prior to a treatment.

What will the Vanquish treatment involve?

It is really important to be well hydrated before a treatment. Ideally you should hydrate the day before and the day of and the day after a treatment. We also recommend light physical activity after the treatment to help with blood flow and lymphatic flows.

Please wear comfortable clothing on the day of your treatment so the areas to accessed are readily available. All jewelry is to be removed prior to starting a treatment. The person is positioned comfortably lying down, either on their back or on their belly depending on which areas are to be treated. The device as shown above is simply placed over the areas. There is to be no clothing on or over the areas to be treated. A small pad is placed to absorb the perspiration that occurs during the treatment. There can be no metal, near the treatment areas. There is a mild heat sensation but it is not uncomfortable. The treatment takes 30 minutes. It is recommended to undergo 4 -6 treatments.

What about after a Vanquish treatment?

  • You may experience so temporary redness or ‘erythema’ that may last from a few minutes to an hour or possibly longer.
  • Your skin may feel warn after the treatment but it will typically return to normal temperature shortly after cessation of the treatment.
  • The treated areas may be tender after the treatment and may continue to be tender throughout the week after the treatment.

When is there return to normal activity after Vanquish?

Right after treatment! There are no limitation associated with the vanquish treatments. It is strongly encouraged to drink lots of water before and after the treatment for a few days.

The better hydrated a person is, the better results that can be achieved.

Dr Michael J Brown

When will I see the results after Vanquish?*

Results from non surgical treatments will vary from patient to patient, the amount of energy applied, the amounts of fat and the depths of the fat and how well hydrated the patient is. Some will begin to see improvements within a few days, but most will typically see greater results as early as 2 weeks after the last treatment. With proper hydration, dieting and exercise, the results may continue to improve.

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Do I have to change my diet or exercise for Vanquish?

No, the treatment is effective because of the technology involved. Being properly hydrated by drinking lots of water is the best way to achieve the results from the Vanquish. It is very important to drink plenty of water, for a few days before the treatments, the day of and a few days after each of the treatments.

What are realistic results from Vanquish?

By the completion of the 4-6 treatments you should be able to notice some changes that will be progressive for a few more weeks as the fatty tissues continue to remodel and reshape. Most patients who have been compliant with the fluids and hydration, seem to achieve a few inches of circumferential measurement reduction and in some, there is marked spot contour improvement. Again, this will depend on the patient and settings.