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Breast Augmentation after prior Breast Reduction

Below are photos of women who at an earlier age have had breast reduction surgery. Then later in life they have experienced changes in their breasts. With these changes, it was decided to undergo a breast augmentation.

Pictures breast augmentation after prior breast reduction*

She had a breast reduction as a teenager. She lost more breast volume after pregnancies and breast feeding. Her preoperative anatomy is good. She does not have much breast volume. Despite this, she was very concerned about becoming too large and asked for a modest to proportional sized breast augmentation. The lower existing scar was used to insert the implants. She had no new scars placed on her breasts.

Pictures breast augmentation after prior breast reduction*

She had a breast reduction as a younger women. She has lost weight after pregnancy and requested a modest augmentation. You can see from her preoperative photos that her right breast and nipple are slightly ‘lateralized’, which means is positioned away from the midline. Her gap is also a bit large but is not really noticeable with her natural breasts unless you look for it. The implants are in perfect position for her nipples and she has a lovely result.

Pictures breast augmentation after prior breast reduction*

This woman had a breast reduction as a young woman. She has gone on to have babies and breast fed them. She lost too much volume and wanted to have an augmentation to improve her appearance and self confidence. She had a nice breast reduction and maintained good symmetry. She does minor differences between the breasts but not bad at all. She selected a nice proportional sized breast implant and was very pleased with her results.

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