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Voluma XC for facial volume restoration

Voluma in Ashburn VA

Voluma XC is a newly FDA approved product that can restore volume in the face for up to two years. It is a safe product and has been used in the UK and Europe for years. Voluma XC is manufactured by the Allergan company and is considered part of the Juvederm line of products. It is a Hyaluronic Acid based product. It is similar to the other Hyaluronic Acid products discussed on the facial fine line treatment page.

Unlike the other Hyaluronic Acid products used for fine lines, this product is designed to be placed deeper into the face and is used for long term facial volume restoration. It has been said that Voluma XC restores lost volume to the cheeks and chin for a gentle lifting effect. The effects of the treatment can be seen immediately. There should be a fuller and softer, more youthful appearing facial contour.

Voluma XC: How it works

Voluma XC was created specifically to restore facial volume in areas of the face that tends to show the most aging. The cheeks, cheekbones, and chin areas can really be improved with volume restoration.

Juvederm Voluma XC for facial volume restoration

Most people notice a loss of volume in their cheeks as they age. This can sometimes be noticed at the area of where the eyelid meets the cheek. This is called the lid cheek junction. Adding volume into the cheek can lift up the cheek and make the lid and cheek blend back into a single aesthetic unit rather than two separate areas.

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What to do before Voluma XC treatment?

Please avoid taking medications that have been shown to increase bruising, such as aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofens. This would include, Advil, Motrin, or Alleeve. Please avoid these medications for at least 10 days prior to the treatment. Please cleanse your face and wear no makeup on the day of the treatment.

What to do after Voluma XC treatment?

Some people will experience bruising. There may be some mild discomfort or tenderness in the injected areas. Some swelling may develop over the day and next day of treatment and then resolve. Please do not apply makeup or moisturizers on the face for at least six hours. It is best to avoid steam rooms and saunas for two weeks. Massaging the areas is recommended.

Can you combine Voluma XC with other treatments?

Yes, Voluma XC only is used in the deeper areas of the face to restore facial volume. This can be used in conjunction with other products of the Juvederm to treat fine lines, folds and lips.

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What are the risks of Voluma XC treatment?

As with any treatment, there are risks. The skill of the injector can help minimize those risks but will not effectively eliminate them. The most concerning risks with any injection is having the tip of the needle being in a blood vessel. This could result in some of the product being inadvertently injected into the vessel resulting in occlusion of the blood vessel. This may result in partial or complete tissue loss in some areas, or blindness in rare instances. Contour dissatisfaction may also be a concern if the product is not applied evenly. It should not be injected during pregnancy, breast feeding and patients with very thin skin. To learn more visit the Juvederm Voluma website.