Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology in Virginia

Breast Surgery

One of our central areas of focus is cosmetic breast surgery. This specialty includes breast augmentation, lifts and secondary correction of previous breast surgeries and implant exchanges.

Body Surgery

These surgeries can really make a dramatic improvement in a person’s physique. Liposuction, tummy tucks and body lifts are the more common procedures that are included in this group.

Facial Surgery

Facelifts and other facial surgeries, like eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and neck lifts are very challenging. These surgeries require expert attention to details and experience to achieve consistent results.
When it comes to skin cancer checks and overall skin surveillance, our dermatology professional can safely manage your concerns. We accept most major insurances.Learn More
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We offer the latest most competitively prices breast augmentation surgeries in Virginia

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Before & After Photographs

  • Liposuction woman thighs before after photos
  • facelift before after plastic surgery
  • Blepharoplasty before after photos
  • Rhinoplasty plastic surgery before after photos
  • Neck lift plastic surgery before after photos
  • Man neck lift plastic surgery before after photos
  • Tummy tuck frontal view before after photos
  • Tummy tuck profile view before after photos
  • Liposuction man flanks before after photos
  • Otoplasty plastic surgery before after photos
  • lip plastic surgery before after photos

What our patient’s say

I love the atmosphere and the friendly service from all of the staff. I love the idea of having the surgical room located in the same facility as the office. I loved the overall impression of the staff. They are very friendly and helpful. I was very pleased. Dr. Brown personally called me after the surgery which I was also very impressed with.
Jane A.
I didn’t feel I was in an Operating Room until I was in the actual Operating Room. That was what I wanted. I wanted a professional and clean surgery experience without the feeling of being in a hospital and that is exactly what I got! The Loudoun center for Plastic Surgery struck the perfect balance, making me feel totally at ease from the moment I arrived!
Paula B.
We had many questions prior to Surgery and spoke with many of the staff at The Loudoun Center for Plastic Surgery and EVERYONE treated us so well and had so much knowledge. It made our experience exceptional and everyone was so wonderful to us!
Alicia H.
I felt very comfortable and respected as a patient. I would definitely recommend other people interested in plastic surgery to Dr. Brown.
Mary R.


Acne is a common skin disease that affects the skin with the highest number of sebaceous follicles. These acne involved areas are typically the face, upper chest and back. The degree and extent of involvement can vary a great deal. Acne typically begins in adolescence and continues into adulthood. The hormone testosterone is the primary cause and begins to have higher levels at puberty regardless of sex. In most cases acne will begin to subside in the early 20’s but in some instances it can continue. The scarring and active acne lesions can cause psychological issues and effect self-esteem. There are several treatment options available for acne. There is no silver bullet to make the problem go away. Our dermatology professional and master medical aesthetician in association with Dr. Brown, work to find an effective method to first calm down active lesions, then develop a maintenance program to keep the effected areas healing. Call today for an appointment to begin the healing process.
Skin cancers are too common and surveillance is necessary. Skin cancers are named after the type of skin cell from which they evolve from. There are different layers of the skin each layer can produce its distinct cancer type. The three most common types of skin cancer actually come from three different layers of the skin. In the basement layer of epidermis, Basal cell cancer evolve. These are the most common but fortunately the least dangerous and least likely to spread. Squamous cell cancers come from the middle layer of the skin, they are less common but more likely to spread. With the spreading of the tumor cells squamous cell cancers can become fatal. Melanoma originates in the pigment producing cells of the skin and typically changes colors. They are the least common but are also the most aggressive and most likely to spread. They too can be fatal skin cancers. It is vitally important for skin cancer screening. The dermatology professional and Dr. Brown work closely together to accurately and conservatively screen the entire body with biopsies taken when necessary. Facial lesions and complex lesions can then be taken care on site with a plastic surgery closure of the wound when necessary.
Skin is the largest organ of the body and will from time to time become diseased. Fortunately most skin diseases are curable, and will heal with correct prescriptions and improved skin care. Some will require single treatment periods and go away. Others may flare up after the initial diagnosis and treatment and require reapplications of the topical medications or oral meds. The variety and extent of skin conditions can be quite variable. They can involve all layers of the skin on any area(s) of the body. In most cases, skin diseases can be made by the person’s history, and a physical examination. In more complicated skin diseases a biopsy of the lesion may be required to accurately make the correct diagnosis. The dermatology professional working with Dr. Brown will be able to efficiently diagnose the lesion(s) and begin the appropriate treatment(s) to cure or improve the condition. There are many types of skin conditions, let us help you with your concerns.

No ‘down-time’ non-surgical favorites

Injectable medications that will make the fine lines and scowl lines fade away. Look refreshed and people will notice! Inject today and gone tomorrow. Learn More
Injectable fillers will add volume to the fine lines on the face. Restore facial volume and create a more youthful look that matches the way you feel inside. Let the inner you be expressed. Learn More
When it comes to laser face lifts, these two lasers are the best. Fraxel can repair your damaged skin and stimulate new growth. Titan will tighten up your skin and improve your neck, jowl and stomach areas.
Lets make shaving a thing of your past. Remove the dense hairs and make your skin softer and stubble free with laser hair removal!
Get rid of the tired sun damaged skin with any number of different types of chemical peels. These can restore your softest skin. Learn More
Years of sun exposure and its ultraviolet rays will leave tell tale signs of aging and brown spots. IPL can make them go away. Laser Genesis can get rid of excessive redness on the face.
Gently remove the dead skin cells which can make your skin feel rough and cause break outs. Lets have your makeup look great!
Sun damage can cause the skin to thin and tiny blood vessels to be larger and more visible. Lets get rid of spider veins with some laser treatments.
This is an exciting new area of skin rejuvenation and scar management. Using rapid sequence punctures to stimulate and deliver active agents to improve the tissues.
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The Loudoun Center now has the VANQUISH FAT REDUCTION system!

Lose inches off of your waist without surgery. This is the newest device for fat reduction available and is FDA approved.
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