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Virginia Breast Augmentation Information

breast surgery virginiaBreast Surgery Options

Overview of breast surgery options for breast enlargement, lift, reduction, or reconstruction.

virginia breast augmentation consultationBreast Augmentation Consultation

This describes what to expect during a breast augmentation consultation in Northern Virginia. It is really important to understand the process.

breast augmentation cost vaBreast Augmentation Cost in Northern Virginia

The cost of breast implants in Northern Virginia depends mostly on the skills of the plastic surgeon, the facility, anesthesia and breast implants chosen.

understanding breast augmentation picturesBreast Augmentation Photo Interpretation

It is important to understand what you are looking at when examining breast augmentation results.

virginia breast anatomy Breast Anatomy

Learn about the anatomy of the breast and how it influences breast augmentation in Virginia

breast implant positioningBreast Implants Placement & Technique

Explanation of placing breast implants below or above the muscle.

virginia breast augmentation incisionsBreast Augmentation Incisions

Learn about the incision and scar options for breast augmentation in Virginia

Breast implants information

saline or silicone breast implant differencesSaline or Silicone Gel Implants

The breast implants have different options and choices to be made.

ideal breast implants virginiaIdeal Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation

The newest breast implants to get FDA approval in the US.

saline breast implant fillingSaline Breast Implant Filling Recommendations

Saline breast implants can be filled to various ranges.

breast implant life expectancyBreast Implant Life Span

Breast implants do not last forever. Saline and silicone breast implants have different recommendations.

Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Breast Implant Exchange Surgerybreast implant exchange northern virginia

Breast implant exchange surgery and revision breast surgery information.

breast implant removal virginiaBreast Implant Removal Surgery

Learn about the options for breast implant removal in Northern Virginia

Breast implant complications

breast implant rotationImplant Malrotation & Asymmetry

Shaped breast implants can rotate off of their axis and this may distort the breast shape.

capsular contracture breast implantsCapsular Contracture

When the scar tissue capsule become thick and thick, it can make the breast become firm.

bruising after breast augmentationBreast Augmentation Complications: Bleeding & Infection

Bleeding after breast augmentation can lead to bruising or hematoma. Beware of implant infection.

mondors disease after breast augmentationMondor’s Disease

This condition may occur after breast augmentation. It is associated with mild inflammation.

symmastia after breast augmentationSymmastia or Synmastia

This condition is also known as uniboob. The breast implants are causing the skin to lift up.

Other Breast Surgeries

breast lift northern virginiaBreast Lift Plastic Surgery

Breast lift surgery can be done making the breasts the same size, larger or smaller. The breast mound is lifted in all of these choices.

breast reconstruction northern virginiaBreast Reconstruction Surgery After Mastectomy

Breast reconstruction should be an artistic endeavor to recreate new breast mounds after they have been removed for breast cancer or other reasons.

gynecomastia northern virginiaMale Breast Reduction

Excessive breast tissue and fat can cause distortion of the chest.